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Producers of cleaning and washing products and liquid soaps

Distributors of additional cleaning, washing and sanitary products

Heritage – Experience – Quality

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Since 1992, we bring you a tradition of our unique know-how in the manufacture and sale of concentrated cleaning products, detergents and cosmetics.


What does Anex do?

What do we offer?

  • Strong customer orientation, flexible delivery, speed and accuracy
  • 20 years of professional experience in the cleaning industry, guidance and advice for cleaning professionals
  • Product innovation
  • Products for manual and automatic cleaning
  • Wide selection of fragrances
  • Optimal efficiency of products during usage
  • A wide range of cleaning products applicable for different surfaces
  • Different packaging types (canisters, bottles, barrels)
  • Optimal bio-degradation of products in accordance with the REACH legislation
  • Low toxicity for the environment
  • Products have favorable effect on skin