History of the ANEX building and Zichy family in Malzenice


The ANEX company building has a rich and long history spanning back several centuries. The building itself was built as a mansion and has been used by a notable wealthy Hungarian family – the Zichy. There are no surviving records of when the mansion was built, but anecdotal evidence suggests this was between 1780′s – 1800′s.


Records however indicate that the building has been used as a stopover by the Russian general Kutuzov in 1805, during his retreat after the defeat at Austerlitz. It was in this building that he wrote a letter to his daughter informing her about her husband’s death.


The building was bought by the municipality in 1935 after which it had undergone extensive repairs and was later used as a shool.


ANEX has moved into the premises in 1992 and later bought the mansion.