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About us

What does Anex do?

  • Manufacture of cleaning and washing preparations and liquid soaps
  • Sale of additional cleaning, cosmetic and sanitary products
  • Development of recipes
  • Guidance and advice on the use of detergents and washing preparations


What do we offer?

  • Custom made concentrated cleaning products based on our know-how designed for various cleaning purposes
  • Products designed with you in mind, in different sizes and packages to suit your requirements (canisters, bottles, barrels)
  • Product innovation according to customers needs
  • Pleasant fragrances for various cleaning products based on customers choice
  • Cost savings thanks to the usage and storage of concentrated products
  • Environmentally friendly phosphate-free products
  • Re-filling of empty packaging, cleaning of packaging in our business premises
  • “Just in time” delivery with our company cars
  • Expert advice and guidance on cleaning and use of cleaning products

Malženice 233
919 29 Malženice
okres Trnava

tel: +421 337436219
fax: +421 337434184
e-mail: anex@anex.sk